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transforms the marketplace for consumers

and businesses, and these are the days of

digital technology that defines every aspect

of your personal life and businesses.


Through hands-on experience, we believe that transparent communication and iterative collaboration are the keys to rapid prototyping.  We work closely with our clients to ensure that the end product not only captures the essence of their brand identity, but also effectively communicates the brand message and promotes sales.

Hardware Prototyping

Prototyping Process


GRD develops detailed 3D renderings to ensure full alignment of product specifications and established visual and emotional requirements.  Upon client approval, we proceed to CAD/CAM designs, which are then converted to STL files for geometric blueprints.  After building the physical structure, we then perform rigorous testing in a variety of environments to stress-test features, functionalities, and performance.  


We pay close attention to customer and consumer feedback so that we can make the necessary adjustments to ensure the best user experience possible. The marriage between form and function. As the hardware product development has evolved into a marketplace for consumers and business alike, the need for user-experience driven designs has increased.  The easier the experience, the more likely consumers and businesses are to use it.   



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                         Customized Proprietary POS Hardware Design Features

                            +  3D Renderings and Walk Through

                            +  Industry Standard Innovation Process with Agility

                            +  Modular Wireless Designs Ensures Flexible Configuration

                            +  Laser Guided Inventory Measurement Temperature

                            +  Controlled Environment if Necessary

                            +  Weight Measurement Capabilities

                            +  Customized Packaging Solutions

                            +  Multiple Payment Options

                            +  Fully Interactive Visual and Audio Effects

                            +  Remote Communications and Tech Support

                            +  AVA Hardware Enabled

In today’s digital world, the customer expectation of specialization evolved to customization, only to be replaced by personalization.  Previously, retailers were expected to recognize loyal customers as they “walked through the front door”.  However, today’s retailers must know their customers, even potential customers, at any point in their purchasing journeys – at home, at work, and on the go.  


GRD builds integrated DOOH POS platforms — from kiosks to interactive displays and other merchandising solutions — that enhance the shopper experience, reinvent the “front-end” of retail, and capture insightful analytics for branded manufacturers. 

Through the rapid advancement of POS technologies,GRD can provide retailers and branded manufacturers a comprehensive POS hardware and software system. GRD’s experience in DOOH POS system in North America and Asia not only attracts consumer attention to drive conversion whether it’s for sales or product trials, but can intimately understand the drivers of unplanned purchases and the behavioral characteristics of consumers.




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