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Our DOLLAR & SENSE practice embraces practice and amplifies the collaborative energy that comes from blending strategic vision with operational realities.


We help businesses drive top-line growth and optimize resources through streamlining of operations, redirecting efficiency gains towards high-impact, value-creating initiatives.

Operation Planning


Strategic planning shouldn’t be an annual or quarterly exercise – the plan is usually stale by the time the ink dries.  In today’s environment, even large companies in stable categories have seen rapid change and those that demonstrate flexibility, agility, and adaptability have the greatest chance of weathering the storm.

The key success factor to any plan is execution, so strategic planning must be infused within the company’s culture. Enhanced technology and reporting capabilities enable planning and analyses to be centered around dynamic forecasts instead of the typical budget vs. actual, helping businesses manage to the opportunity, instead of the plan.

+  Objective Realignment

+  Financial Planning

+  Change Management

+  Turnaround Strategy 

+  Organization Design 

Financial Planning 


Today’s competitive marketplace makes it nearly impossible for an organization to achieve its financial objectives through organic growth alone without injection of innovative product and new technology investment.


Indeed, recent studies suggest companies that don’t complement internal growth with external activity, such as M&A, find it increasingly difficult to provide the top-line and bottom-line results shareholders expect.


Companies looking to expand into new markets, pursue new innovation opportunities, and hit aggressive targets must therefore build M&A into their growth strategies.

+ P&L Analysis

+ Risk Mitigation

+ Exit Strategies

+ Asset Sales

+ M&A

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We are corporate and founder friendly, and realistic.  We are transparent, strategic, and data driven, serving as the trusted voice of the industry as a new player. We advocate for policies that encourage innovation and reward long-term investment.  

Operation Planning


Create meaningful plans that are simple enough to understand, but detailed enough to execute.  Provide strong internal controls surrounding data integrity, management, and flow to achieve timely results that are directionally accurate vs. precisely inaccurate and align cross-functional teams throughout the process to achieve buy-in.  

Establish effective incentive structures and identify core metrics to lead the organization and measure its successes.

Financial Planning


The process of value assessment of the current financial performance of any company is examined with a thorough analysis of the acquired business history, its founders and management team.  


We estimate future market value based on the product offerings, market dynamics, capital requirement, organizational structure, intellectual capital, and brand value — everything are reviewed thoroughly.

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