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Our DOLLAR & SENSE practice embraces practice and amplifies the collaborative energy that comes from blending strategic vision with operational realities.


We help businesses drive top-line growth and optimize resources through streamlining of operations, redirecting efficiency gains towards high-impact, value-creating initiatives.

Business Model Development  


Discussions around the concept of business models have surged in recent years as businesses compete for growth and market leadership, just look at Uber, Airbnb or Bitcoin and Tesla.


Business model development requires a holistic evaluation through a strategic lens, startingwith a deep understanding of the subtle intricacies that provide sustainable advantage as well as the culture and values foundational to your organization.  


We seek opportunities to reinvent traditional business models and go-to-market strategies to help our clients adapt and respond to the rapidly changing environment and competitive landscape.


Develop Solutions that are Unconventional, yet Completely Logical. Take Calculated Risk

is Sometimes a Must.

Product & Customer Realignment


Revenue-focused businesses today believe that there are many ways to deliver bottom-line and only one way to deliver top-line.  There are ways to deliver both.  There are good sales and bad sales, so it’s best to take a portfolio and cross-functional approach in our pursuit of sustainable, profitable growth.

Build a Culture
of Continuous Improvement.

We help businesses master complexity to optimize core offerings, extracting insights through microanalysis of products, customers, channels, geographies, internal team dynamics and pandemic risk analysis.  

We also seek ways to build technology to help you run more efficiently, eliminate redundancy and waste, evaluate distribution models, manage performance, and improve organizational efficiency.



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We will dissect your P&L and strengthen your balance sheet to generate more free cash flow to reinvest in your company’s future, without borrowing from it.

Developing Disruptive Strategy 


By dissecting your value chain, we strive to create and build new ways for you to expand your reach — whether its services, brand messaging, product features, product market fit, technology infrastructure, sales channels, supply chains, or all of the above.  


From developing disruptive technologies to creating unique touch points or go-to-market strategies, we strengthen existing positive loops and leverage pockets of untapped

potential to deliver profitable and sustainable growth for clients in each localized market.

Executing Business Turnaround Strategy


Turnarounds are almost always difficult because they involve a significant amount of change in product innovation, customer targeting, organizational restructuring and require strong leadership to transition the organization from a ‘blame’ game to an ‘aim’ game.  


When implementing turnaround strategies, the key is to clean the baseline fundamentals of your business, before aggressively pursuing top-line growth, to avoid simply growing your problems of perhaps and not able to resurrect

because too much red tape. 

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