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Our DIGITAL & CONSUMER practice evaluates every big idea and every set of data we come

across when building a relevant and resonant brand experience.


In a time when goods and services are severely commoditized, a strong brand identity can be a prime source of strategic direction and competitive advantage.  We are here to build your brand equity holistically by providing integrated marketing strategies and executions that leverage the latest design thinking and technology.

Branding & Design

Brand Management & Beyond


We analyze your business with a complete brand audit, including a deep understanding of the competitive landscape, we then design a brand architecture accompanied by a set of comprehensive strategies for your products and services.


Brand Architecture is an integrated process of brand building through establishing relationships with consumers in the competitive environment. The brand architecture of an organization also reflects a legacy of management decisions as well as the competitive realities it faces in the ever-changing marketplace.


A corporate brand usually starts with an umbrella brand, then a family of brands or sub-brands.  The consumer-facing umbrella brand is used across all the firm's activities and is how they are known to all their stakeholders.  This umbrella brand may also be used in conjunction with its sub-brands for marketing events.

Branding impacts customers, employees, 

potential hires and the perception of a CEO.


Content & Messaging Architecture


Creation of brand narratives is your path to a legendary brand whether your brand message is printed, onlined or broadcasted. Words are power, and it determines how your brand is perceived.


How would you and your audience describe your communications? Startling? Refreshing? Simple? Clear? Don’t underestimate the power of clarity.  It should not be an afterthought, but a guiding principle in all that you do.  

Clarity is Lifesaving.

You have to sharpen your message to cut in to the mind, jettison the ambiguities, simplify the message, and then simplify it some more if you want to make a lasting impression. Breathe life into your strategic communications: symbolic, personal, and emotionally provocative.

Messaging architecture starts with you — know who you are. It sets a framework for how your business tries to accomplishing through organizations messaging priorities, and its communications goals for your product and services.

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Branding is about chemistry. The Chemistry between vision and action. Reality and perception. Aspiration and results. Culture and success. Chaos and innovation. Individual and team.

Brand Identity System Design 


We believe that a brand architecture follows a set of comprehensive corporate strategies and initiatives — brand architecture should never be in a silo itself. A brand is more than a logo.


A brand campaign is almost entirely crafted to set a higher standard in reaching specific institutional goals.  Branding is more than just a slogan, a campaign or an attitude.  Branding is an ongoing, long-term endeavor that can be the difference in an institution's ability to attract and retain their audience.  Therefore, all activities — from an advertisement to a parking attendant's behavior — reflect your brand.

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